Friday, 19 February 2021

If You Had To Stay In Quarantine For 14 Days At A Hotel,

and they served you a bit of cockroach in your food,

would you go public about it? well Dunyawit Phadungsaeng did and shows the cockroach leg found in his meal,

and his dirty, fungus-stained bed at the hotel, where he spent two weeks in quarantine after arrival from San Francisco, “If you think I lied, please come and show people what’s going on,” said Dunyawit, “Don’t come to apologize later, because I won’t accept it from people who don’t sincerely mean it.” 

“It was probably the most terrible 14 days of my life…don’t call it quarantine as it’s better called imprisonment,” Dunyawit wrote. “People said that [state quarantine] is okay and habitable. I didn’t expect it to be a fancy five-star hotel, but have you ever been disappointed even when you had no expectations?” His complaints included not just poor WiFi access and an obsolete television, but fungus in his bed and an awful smell that he couldn’t escape despite changing rooms three times. He also said every room was full of mosquitoes and cockroaches, and he was made to pay for his own bug spray to kill them. Other poor room conditions included water leaking from the ceiling and a worn-out door, photographs, Topp Dunyawit Phadungsaeng / Facebook, but here is the thing, in Thailand you can not publicly write anything bad against anyone or anything, no matter how bad or true it is, you will be sued, so you can not warn other ex-pats or tourist of bad service or products, and that is what the hotel in question is going to do, in a statement “XXXXXXXXXX XXXX Jomtien Hotel wants to notify any related agencies to stop any kind of actions that will defame [the hotel] and violate the law,” read the hotel’s statement. “Or else, we will have to take maximum legal action.” naturally not wishing to be sued, arrested and jailed, and they will, as this traveller found out when he was jailed for posting a critical review of a hotel in Thailand, I will not name the hotel, but if you do not believe me here is the hotels statement of the above,

mentioning its exposure on Facebook, I have to say this behaviour of muzzling of criticism with legal action is one of the few things I do not miss about Thailand, for the full story have a look here.

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