Friday, 19 February 2021

This Amazing Photograph,

is a 360 ° stereographic panorama,

astrophotographer Łukasz Żak travelled about 150 kilometres from his home in Wołomin near Warsaw to a rural region in north-eastern Poland. Near the village of Siemiony, he ventured into -12 degree cold to snap a remarkable set of images that feature a trio of celestial bodies peeking through snow-heavy spruces. After stitching the individual photographs together, he created this stereographic projection that frames the nebulae of the Milky Way, with one of the brightest stars, Capella, at the centre and Orion to the upper right, all photographs © Łukasz Żak,

"Saturday evening - a tiny village in Podlasie called Spieszyn, where we arrived shortly after 17:00 The thermometer showed a temperature of -12 °C🥶 , although it was still without wind. I set up the equipment, set all the parameters and started shooting. Time was passing quickly and the magic 22:00 struck, in which the lights went out in the nearby villages, thus showing the incredible darkness in the Podlasie sky! The stars began to glow brighter, the hunter Orion was heading west, and the sky was turning to colors - green and red - in a word, Airglow💚 . Something wonderful for the eye! The snow creaked underfoot and the temperature reached -18 ° C🥶. For such views, it is worth not to sleep through the night, it is worth freezing and it is worth walking for kilometers, because our Poland is beautiful not only during the day, but also at night."


"For many people, this may be a trivial situation, thinking about a night trip into the wilderness of the forest, because what for? When one participates in such a moment, everything takes on a different colour. I am going to Podlasie, in a forest covered with snow, because the very banks. I am surprised that I gladly open the window at -12°C🥶 and, walking slowly, I listen to the snow sounds of tires on the frozen snow, it has not been such a long time. Being in such places, I already know why winter fairy tales and fairy tales were created. Beautiful winter, 40 cm of snow and -12 C frost". Siemiony, Podlasie, Poland, what stunning photographs.

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