Sunday, 7 February 2021

The Fox Was Fast Asleep,

but some how he sensed me taking a photograph of him,

so as he was now awake I threw a few peanuts out for him,

so a quick stretch,

and it was hunt the peanuts,

Diana was at work, for myself I had run out of RO water so I was out, as it was Saturday there were lots of cars parked in the road, before a last year when a fortune was spent on improving and publicising the park, all along here there were nice moss and grass covered verges, that started where the Range Rover is, but other inconsiderate drivers have slowly turned the first few feet into a muddy quagmire,

off of the bus and into the shop, water collected and home,

in the evening a read and sherry,

for my starter a scotch egg and a couple of sausage rolls,

followed by a chicken curry with rice, this was my half, Diana will eat hers when she arrives home later,

eyes down and tuck in,

whilst at work Diana had a nice surprise, many of her friends at work had bought her a lovely bunch of flowers to mark her promotion, I took this photograph of them this morning, after Diana had eaten we watched one from New Tricks and we were then off to bed.

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