Saturday, 6 February 2021

You May,

or may not of heard of,

Iggy Pop, but you might have listened to and watched his poignant voice over in this advertisement, powerful words, the monologue relives all of the insanity that surrounded everything in 2020, below some of the narration,

Stockpiling toilet paper, washing your hand 100 times a day,

'Working from home became sleeping at the office

 and shaking hands became, well, odd.

We stood outside and we clapped for our carers.

We followed government guidelines.

Eat in, eat out, stay in, breathe out.

We fought for toilet rolls and sanitized our hands enough to last a lifetime.  

'Our wedding got cancelled.

Our graduation was postponed, and we're just the lucky ones.

We got angry, we got sad, we cried,

but we pick ourselves up and we start again

knowing the sun's always shining somewhere.

And at some point, someday,

 you'll be on your dream holiday thinking,

"Is it too early for a drink?"

No, no it's not.

Remember, everything's better on the beach and it's ready when you are.'

 Iggy ends it on a lighter note, reminding us that the beach will be ready and waiting when we are all able to take that much needed vacation again, I just wish, and in case you are wondering Iggy is the old guy at the beginning and end of the video and appears briefly in it..

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