Monday, 22 February 2021

Diana Mentioned That Not Only My Beard,

but my moustache was getting long,

so a moustache cup it is then! illustrations found on Wikipedia,

there were two reasons for a moustache cup to stop a man, or ladies, (I must be PC here), moustache from getting tea in it,

 or to stop the wax that men and women put in their moustaches from melting over the hot tea, also the cups can be used to keep from swallowing solids if they are used in a drink,

it is generally acknowledged that moustache cups were invented in the 1860s by British potter Harvey Adams,

if moustaches run in the family, bespoke cups of course! naturally talking of moustaches,

we just had to watch the moustache dance, and great fun it was too!


jpo5626 said...

Funny...Alley told me today your face is starting to look a lot like Santa! Now for a good mustache cup, Santa!
John and Alley

PattayaStan said...

Dear John and Alley, I joked with Diana I will keep the bread until Christmas when I can be Santa! I do not think Diana was particularly taken with that idea! I guess the summer time will see a clean shaven me, best regards, Stan and Diana.