Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Only Yesterday,

I made a post about,

Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, and his painting “Starry Night” and now today I find a photograph of a “Starry Night” swimming pool, Amancay Murales, a firm in Buenos Aires, painted the bottom of a swimming pool to resemble Vincent Van Gogh's mystical Starry Night. It's an especially good choice given the watery appearance of the sky in the painting, you can see more photos herehere, and here

and if that is not enough Van Gogh for you, here is a hotel you can stay in, modelled after another of his works, Vincent van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Arles” room, located at the Art Institute of Chicago, according to the article the room can be rented through Airbnb for only $10 per night, two Vincent's in two days!

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