Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Diana Had Already Left For Work,

for myself I had to post a letter,

by snail mail as it contain a document I had to sign, looking across the road, some crocus had made themselves known,

not huge numbers, but it was a reminder that spring is on the way,

unfortunately on our side of the road the crocus and daffodil beds have been ruined by drivers visiting the park, what was a grass and moss verge has become a quagmire, originally parking was free for park goers, but now the park has been improved parking charges have been put in place, hence the number of cars parking on the grass verges has exploded exponentially, and each car driver parking further into the verge where there is no mud for the driver to get out onto,

a quick walk to our local post box and the letter is away,

a bit of fun as Diana's family in the Philippines help out with the new home for them that is being built, on Sunday it was all hands to the pumps, the infill had arrived, it is a just in case thing, like our ex-home in Thailand, after the foundations are laid and before being built the ground is raised in case of flooding, and that is what happened at the weekend, not flooding, ground raising, in the afternoon I watched a number of documentaries, in the evening a couple from Poirot, 

just after midnight Diana called, closing up had finished early, which was nice, off to the bus stop and back home where it was feet up for a chat and a coffee, we watched one from Sherlock Holmes, then for us we were off to bed.


jpo5626 said...

The house is really coming along now and it is BIG. It is nice that Diana's family can afford such a nice house. Many Asian families are not that lucky and majority of homes are small and ill fitted. I bet Diana is happy and excited that her family can have such a great place to live! When you visit after Covid 19 is over, it will be fun to see the accomplishment in person!
This improvement must take a lot of stress and worry off of Diana about the wellbeing of her family. That is a win win for all!!!
John and Alley

PattayaStan said...

Dear John and Alley, yes it is a great relief all round that the house is coming on well, and thankfully it is well on track to be finished and the family moved in before the onset of this years monsoon season, and the flooding it brings, as things stand Diana will be popping over first and spend some time with her family as she has not seen them for 3 years or so, I will stay here, hopefully saving money! the trip after that will be, with any luck, a cruise or a visit to Greece, India, Egypt, Mauritius, or Madagascar any of those for both of us, best regards, Stan and Diana.