Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Does This Sound Familiar?

stay six feet apart, no shaking hands, only one person allowed out of the house to do the shopping,

all of the above was written in 1588 by Italian physician QuintoTiberio Angelerio in his book Epidemiology or Treatise on Plague, above ambulance men of Florence, Italy, carrying a patient on a stretcher while wearing masks to ward off the plague, the book was in response to an outbreak of the bubonic plague in the Italian port town of Alghero, on the island of Sardinia six years earlier, he drafted 57 rules for staving off the disease, some of the measures are still in use today, if you are interested you can listen to to the episode at CBC Radio, the good news is that the infection died out, I hope we are as lucky with the present virus.

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