Saturday, 6 February 2021

Diana Was At Work,

I was out shopping,

first stop Lidl, shopping finished I left the car there,

and walked past the Coach and Horses, I wonder if it like many other pubs, restaurants and other businesses, it will ever open again?

I called into Pearl Fisheries on my way, and found a couple of goodies I will buy when returning to the car,

into Sainsburys, shopping finished a quick stop at Pearl and I was home,

in the evening a sherry and a read,

on to my starter,

a dressed crab from the fresh fish shop with dry toast,

main course a cottage pie,

eyes down and tuck in, Diana had by now arrived home,

so it was out with the bubbly,

we had cause for a celebration, Diana had been promoted at work,

and what better way to celebrate than with the chink of glasses,

time for the desert,

a cream filled jam roll each,

next a bit of fun, Diana made this short video of her wearing glasses and earrings, then feet up for a New Tricks before we were off to bed.

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