Friday, 12 February 2021

If There Is One Thing In Life That I Am Consistent At,

it is loosing at chess, 

I can safely say I have never won a game of chess in my life, as was shown repeatedly at the after school chess club, so I never had the chance to smile like Eighteen-year old Andrey Esipenko after winning a game of chess, but not just any game, in this match he beat the World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen in Round 8 of Tata Steel 2022 chess tournament

and here is that magic moment, what a triumph at such a young age,

and here is the video of the closing ceremony, amazing.


MikeC said...

Hi Stan
I have just finished watching "Queens Gambit" and seriously recommend you watch it. Really good!!

PattayaStan said...

Dear Mike, great to hear from you I hope you are all well, I will look out for the Queen's Gambit, the one I will not be watching is the new Anne Boleyn mini series, I still can not imagine why the series is being touted as factual when it touts a black Anne Boleyn, in the same light I would not want to see say Tom Hardy play Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King! best regards, Stan and Diana.

MikeC said...

We share the same sentiments ......