Sunday, 7 February 2021

I Do Not Enjoy Flying,

unless I am travelling first class,

and even then it gets a bit boring,

but apparently some people enjoy flying that much that they are missing the view from the aircrafts window!

so here is the result, a clever lamp that perfectly imitates an airplane window and the view from above the clouds, South Korean home & deco store OneRoomMaking is selling an innovative LED airplane window lamp that mimics the view that travellers experience when airborne. It comes in various sizes, and is available in two different models – dawn and sunset, replicating the view at the two different times of day,

the sunrise window features warm, golden tones, while the sunset one takes on a more pinkish hue, has a darker blue for the sky and even includes an airplane wing to make it even more realistic, prices for the ingenious lamp start at 48,000 won at todays rate £31.26 or $42.49, but it has a 30% discount on OneRoomMaking right now, actually the lamp at the price, does not look that bad, in the right setting, if only the clouds moved!

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