Sunday, 11 December 2016

As Christmas Draws Near,

and panic is a about to set in,

 here are three ideas for presents that are totally different to anything you have been thinking about to give to friends or loved ones, firstly a box of scorn, basically they are bad parking notes which include these gems to be left on badly parked cars,

· Paleolithic. You probably should have been born well before the wheel was invented.
· Reserved. FYI, this parking spot is reserved for someone better. Don’t park here again.

there are other boxes of cards available including ones titled health, kindness and creativity,

and for anyone with a sweet tooth who could resist a gummy bear that weighs in at nearly 5 pounds!

the two above I think are funny, but for a more serious gift how about this set of salts titled Flavors of America Salt Collection, where you can celebrate regional flavors with this sampler of gourmet salts from across the USA, the set is the brain child of Brett Cramer, until 2009, he was focused on entrepreneurship in the tech industry, but that year, he decided to make a special holiday gift for his friends, combining his love of gourmet cooking and his enjoyment of woodworking, he created a wooden base from scrap lumber to hold a row of test tubes, which he filled with unique salts from around the world, the response from his friends was so positive that he realised he had hit upon something wonderful, He refined his design and grew his homemade gift idea into a business that now offers 180 different kinds of salt from 30 different countries, what an amazing idea and perfect gift for those with a culinary flair, and no I am not on commission, I am just trying to help out with Christmas gift ideas.

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