Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Do Not Mess With Fish 229,

and you thought fish were fun!

well they are if you have an aquarium this big in your own home,

 especially the maintenance of it,

 but first it has to be built, which is what Eli Fruchter, an aquarium enthusiast from Haifa, Israel, did, He is the owner of the largest home reef aquarium in Israel, and probably the world,

 he actually built his home around it,

 then stocked it adding pieces of coral, decorations and fish as he continued his work in progress,

 and was it all worthwhile?

for a view like this it was worth every effort, even driving a specially equipped golf cart a few minutes from his home to the Mediterranean Sea, to replenish 1,000 litres of the tank’s contents with fresh seawater every week,

if you are interested grab a cup of coffee and let Eli explain how he constructed the aquarium in the video above, fascinating.

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