Thursday, 8 December 2016

We Have Done Our Bit,

to help refuges in Paris,

it appears that our 'love lock' will be sold, on our trip to Paris we placed a padlock on one of the bridges, then threw the key into the river,

and this is it, well it appears that the weight is too much for some of the bridges, so an estimate 65 tons of them have gone into storage, but the authorities did not know what to do with them, until now, Bruno Julliard, the environment chief at Paris City Hall, has announced that ten tonnes worth of the locks would be sold off to anyone hoping to take a piece of modern Paris history with them, "Members of the public can buy five or ten locks, or even clusters of them, all at an affordable price," he told journalists last week, "All of the proceeds will be given to those who work in support and in solidarity of the refugees in Paris." He said that the sales could bring in up to €100,000, adding that anything that wasn't sold would be melted and then sold, the sales are expected to start early next year, although exact details remain unclear as yet, the idea seems to be a bit labour intensive selling just a few locks at a time,

 although this might not be such a romantic idea I would have thought melting them all down would be the more expedient way to go, as long as we are allowed to look for find and keep our love lock first of course!

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