Saturday, 31 December 2016

Great News,

not one but two technicians arrived in the morning,

 from Wattana Computers, it is the shop we always use for buying and servicing computers, it is opposite Foodland on Central Road, the fault was, of all things, an external hard drive I keep pictures on, the computer was trying to get it to work but it would not respond, once unplugged everything was fine, so it has gone back to the shop to hopefully extract all of our pictures on to an new external hard drive,

 on to the rest of the day, the Wagyu steaks we had for the barby a few weeks ago were so nice we thought we would pop back and buy a couple for Saturdays barby,

 so off to Big C Extra we went,  

 first stop,


 a strawberry sundae, 

 and for Diana some Christmas cheer,

 a quick pose then time to tuck in, upstairs to buy the steaks, then a minor disappointment, no Wagyu steaks, so 'always have a plan B Dave', as Phonce would say, we bought some fresh lamb chops and as we were at the lamb counter a frozen half leg for our Sunday roast on Sunday week, 

 on our way back we called in at Friendship for a few things there,

I waited outside in the small motorbike park opposite one of the entrances to the Soi Bukaow market,

 arriving home we noticed that one of Diana's stinky cactus was flowering,

 there was a cluster of several flowers,

 but it was only possible to see four at any one time,

 next stop the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

 a bit cloudy looking towards Jomtien,

 as it was looking inland,

 one of the mobile fruit sellers makes his way along the aisles, I should mention that at about 6.00 in the evening the aisles are blocked to traffic, that is trucks unloading goods for the stalls and 3 wheelers from taking up room in them, as after that they are crowded with pedestrians, steel bollards are padlocked into the ground to stop vehicle access,

 opposite the stall tonight, a 20 baht stall and one with 20-70% off of clothes,

 it did not look like much had been done to the steelworks since last week,

 a few customers in the pet section,

 we were fully stocked for the kittens food this week, 

 so on to the pet petting station, the parrot was back,

 and this weeks new addition, a small goat waiting to be feed,

 sunset over the market,

 I made my way back to the bar, 

 and who should I meet there? none other than Adam, son of Craig and Adams girl friend Ploy, we chatted for some time then said our farewells, 

 I mentioned before the steel bollards being locked to stop traffic in the aisles, this is what happens if a 3 wheeler is trapped inside, everyone including shoppers gives a hand to lift it over, not sure how many it would take to lift a truck over though!

 one of the mobile stalls that did not get trapped in the aisles,

 we were joined by Brian this evening and chatted the early part of the evening away,

 arriving home a real treat and surprise for me, I often mention to Diana about sweets that were around as a kid, if she sees any of them on her travels she buys a bag for me, such as sweets that were known as rhubarb and custard another one, sherbet lemons, well this week another old favourite of mine, flying saucers! rice paper covering a sherbet interior, what memories they bring back,

 time for our evening meal, 

turkey casserole, well with a 5.5 kilo turkey between the two of us it was and is going to last a long time! after out meal for some reason on a Friday night there is a continual evening of both Cops and Judge Judy, so we sent the evening swapping between the two channels, as the midnight hour approached we were then off to bed.

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It's 23.16 on New Year's Eve and I received a call from Chrome Dome asking me to send you an email to say Happy New Year, so Happy New Year from Chrome Dome and myself. All the best - Alan