Saturday, 10 December 2016

Time To Put Up,

the outside Christmas lights,

 I bought 4 strings of them, 59 baht a string,

 for that amount I will not use the old ones from last year, the trouble of finding which bulb does not work did not appeal at all,

 then the Christmas butterflies appeared,

 their wings fluttering in the breeze, 

 slight problem with the lights, 

 so along to TukCom to buy some plug adaptors to convert the round pin plugs to flat pin, 10 baht each and we were on our way back home,

 about 4 fishing trips ago when I closed the spare room door I heard a sort of hollow crunching sound, I had closed the door on my fishing rod and crushed it beyond repair, so I bought another one and did exactly the same after this weeks fishing trip, but at least this was repairable,

 so off to the tackle shop,

 10 minutes and 30 baht later and I was on my way home, fishing rod repaired and ready to go,  

 next stop the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road, 

 every week there seems to be more mobile food and drink sellers here,

 it just seems a few months ago there were just a couple going up and down the aisles, 

 sunset looking towards Jomtien,

 slightly cloudy,

 a fruit seller waiting for the traffic to clear, 

 the feather-man, I will buy a few more for the kittens, they love chasing them but when caught they are quickly shredded!

 clear skies looking inland,

 and I had to take a picture of the moon,

 one of the fruit sellers doing his rounds,

 and the ice cream lady,

 this is the lady I bought the feathers from last time, if she is still here after I have looked around the market I will buy a few more,

  opposite the bar this evening, nothing, 

 the new steelworks,

 waiting for a coat of paint,

 looking back towards the Thepprasit Road,

 just what we wanted,


 just a few customers in the pet section,

I called in to pick up some wet food for the kittens and order some litter that I will pick up with the truck on Monday,

 I made my way to the petting stall,

 the rabbits must have bred, there were so many of them,

 lots of goats next door,

 like this one,

  you can buy a bottle with milk in it to feed the goats, but wait a second that is not a goat at the end,

 it is a pig,

and next door there were more of them,

 all waiting to be feed,

and their wishes are answered,

there were also guinea pigs and squirrels,

 and lots of birds including ducks, 

 and of course the parrot,

 at the end of the pet section is the aquatic outlet, 

with a new attraction, 

 lots of blue PVC tubes, each one a home for a freshwater crayfish,

but remember to make sure they are not armless!

 sunset over the market,

 I made my way back to the bar, 

 passing another feather-man,

 and ice cream seller,

 purchase made, 

 a  mobile coconut seller, 

 who came past the bar later, we were joined tonight by Brian, after saying our farewells our next stop was,

 we were nearly the only customers there,

 our food arrived, 

 a chicken Caesar wrap for Diana, 

beef and stout pie for myself, the bar is located between Pattaya 3rd Road and Thepprasit Soi 8, almost opposite what was once the Eden Hotel,

 we arrived home to a twinkling of lights and fluttering of butterfly wings, 

 it all looked so nice, 

and we did not eat yesterdays advent calendar chocolate, so one each this evening, then feet up for some comedy from season 2 of 3rd Rock From The Sun, next for us we were off to bed.

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