Friday, 16 December 2016

If You Live In Or Are Visiting Japan,

and fancy a coffee,

 in Harajuku, Tokyo, the Nescafe shop is the place to enjoy one, even more so since it has installed a huge 11.5 foot-tall Rube Goldberg Machine, in the shop centre,

 the contraption is made from 1450 pieces of wood, 

and has 180 wooden keys that act as a xylophone, the device is activated by guests who visit the café and order a cup of coffee through Nescafe’s “Barista i” app. You also get to pick your current mood, which effects what type of Christmas song gets played, Your selection then triggers a ball that rolls through the contraption, hitting the wooden steps and triggering tongs that hit metallic keys, all to play a Christmas tune while your coffee is being made, the contraption took 5 months to make and assemble using laser cutters and other technologies and is being called the world’s largest wooden rube Goldberg machine, it’s on display through December 25, 2016 at the Nescafe in Harajuku,

above is a short video of the machine in operation, I am off for a coffee to listen to it.

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