Tuesday, 13 December 2016

There Are Many Unusual,

and unique jobs in the world, 

a few days ago we mentioned Aleeda Rodriguez Pedrasa, the guardian of the glasses, but although not a unique job here is one I have never heard of before, a Cortador de jamones and he is the best in the field being paid $4,000 for the one and a half hours it takes him to slice a leg of ham, his name, Florencio Sanchidrián, he has been slicing Iberian ham (jamon) for the last three decades and today his name is synonymous with the Spanish delicacy, the 55-year-old is regarded as the world’s best ham slicer in the world, born in the city of Avila, Spain, Sanchidrián trained as a professional bullfighter in his youth, he eventually put his red cape away and moved to Barcelona to work as a waiter, one day, he started cutting ham and simply fell in love with it. He started taking jamon slicing courses, and before long, he was winning slicing competitions as well as national and international awards. Florencio is now known as an ambassador of Iberian ham around the world, and he tours the five continents, Floren, as he likes to be called, has sliced ham for a number of celebrities, including President Barrack Obama, Robert De Niro, David Beckham, and for his majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain. He has performed his jamon-slicing art at the Oscars, Hollywood private parties and at casinos in Las Vegas and Macau, throughout the year, he follows the Formula 1 circuit, cutting ham for VIPs in the paddocks and lounges of the top racing teams, back top his craft, slicing machines are out of the question, as far as jamon enthusiasts are concerned, as heat generated by the friction can alter the taste of the ham and melt the fat, thus ruining the whole experience,

Here is a video of him at his work, but he has his own rules, He is known for using only his own instruments and not letting anyone else touch them, ever, and for not speaking English, despite his globetrotting lifestyle. “I think it is quite wrong for a ham cutter speak English,” he says, so the video is in Spanish, but at least you can see how to slice ham professionally.

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