Friday, 9 December 2016

Today Out Fishing,

with Nick and Maureen, 

 the second fish of the day bringing it to 1 all, 

 the good news was that it was big enough to eat, so off to the kitchen it went, 

 then Nick caught another one,

 our meal was served,

 looking towards the shop/kitchen, 

 Nick was getting serious, 

 he had caught a few more, bringing the score to 7 - 2, I was losing and way behind,  

 then I caught what is sometimes called a walking catfish, (Clarias batrachus), they are popular as an alternative to tilapia to farm commercially in the Far East at the other extreme in some places like Florida they have become a pest, back to the fishing, if you fancy a day out the Paifon Fishing Park is off of Soi Nub Plan Wan, (spelt as it sounds), turn into the Soi from Sukhumvitt, once in the Soi go over the railway crossing and continue for a couple of miles, the road starts to go downhill, near the bottom of it you will see a big pink building on the left where we normally turn right into the old fishing park, do not turn right, keep going until you see Soi 24 and turn right, there is a 7-11 on the corner, continue for about a mile it is past Soi 14, the concrete road comes to a strange cross road,

 take the one with the sign on it and the park is on the left hand side, and the score for today? we had a draw at 8 all,

 we drove back to Nick and Maureen's for some coffee, cake and a chat, but first look for the Phasmid, also known as a Phasmida or Phasmatoptera

 or to give it it’s common name, stick insect, it is there, really!

 a few years ago we bought Nick and Maureen a couple of small coconuts, like these, they had just a few pieces of green growing from the nut,

fast forward a few years to now and here is one of them by the side of their pool,

 with the first of 3 or 4 seed pods opening, 

 so in a few weeks I am guessing it will be fresh coconuts all round!

we said our farewells to Nick and Maureen and made a move for home, after our evening meal we watched the last episode of Ripper Street series 4 and good it was too, we will be eagerly awaiting the release of series 5,

to round the evening off Inside Man, a bank robbery caper with a difference, enjoyable to watch, and with that we were off to bed.

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