Friday, 9 December 2016

With Christmas Just Around The Corner,

here are a couple of ideas that might appeal to some,

firstly what is it? $85 actually, do you remember the Pet Rock craze? basically you paid $3.95 for a rock and it became your pet, I kid you not! if you click on the like above you will see that the guy whose idea it was died a millionaire, he sold some 1.5 million of them!, but back to the article above, sold by American department store Nordstroma it is called a “Medium Leather Wrapped Stone”, it is a simple rock around 3 inches by 4.5 inches by 2 inches partially wrapped in a vegetable-tanned leather pouch, for the significant other in your life the Christmas present that lasts forever! yours for just $85, Oh dear I have just checked their site and they have sold out, hopefully more stocks of this unique gift will arrive before Christmas, OK on to plan 'B',

most of us have head hair, some like myself less than most, but what better way to treat it than to use a special comb? this comb is available in yellow,

or pink gold, they are both from the Tomas Veres Pantheon comb collection featuring at the top of its range these two combs, measuring a minimalist 130mm by 35mm they are truly portable, the combs are hand-made in Italy by experienced jewellers, and come in ostrich leather pouches coloured green, purple or red, also made in Italy, the 14K solid gold Pantheon combs are produced in a limited collection of only 800 individually numbered units, the combs are available online, on the Tomas Verese-shop, and can be customised with an engraved set of initials or a message but I am not sure if the engraving is included in the €9000 (at today's rate £7,942 or  $9,553) for the yellow or pink gold versions, it may seem a lot, but they could last a lifetime! and no I am not on commission, I am just trying to help with a few ideas for Christmas.

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