Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Take A Love Of Cats,

and tattoos,

 and you step into the world of California-based Japanese artist Kazuaki Horitomo, who is steeped in the Japanese tradition of tebori (a technique of tattooing by hand), 

I think the picture above sums up cats in the way they curl their claws when some thing nice is happening, 

 in the book it also illustrates how cats see themselves tattooed,

and this one is going to be very popular with other cats as the 'mice' move, Horitomo’s brand Monmon Cats derives its name from monmon, the old slang word in Japanese for tattoos, Horitomo currently works at State of Grace Tattoo in San Jose, but if tattooing isn’t your thing, you can also pick up his book, or buy prints from his shop, another alternative is that you can just follow him on Instagram, it is all a bit of fun and no I am not on commission, I just found it amusing to think of cats tattooing.

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