Thursday, 8 December 2016

Diana Went Out Shopping,

which was all of the excuse I needed to pop into town,

 over the past few months when Diana has not been at home, I have popped out to buy her a Christmas present and hidden it at home, well today as she was out I dropped them all off to be wrapped,

 and call into the 3BB office to pay for our Internet connection,

 the office is where the weekend night market takes place on Thepprasit Road, in the distance,

 I noticed a crane in the market,

 then a lorry appeared with huge girders on it, 

 so off to have a look, it will be interesting to see what has been built on Friday,

 then some good news, 

 the steam cleaner arrived,

 great fun,

 we plugged it in after filling it and had a trial run, we can now see the colour of the original grout in our floor tiles, on Friday Diana will make a start on the whole room,

 but for today it was bath time, for Hogue,

 and Cable, Diana decided not to give Mariana a bath as she is still a little weak from her last illness,

 in the late afternoon I was back out to pick up Diana's presents, they were being wrapped at the Kodak shop,

 almost opposite Friendship on Pattaya Tai,

 there is a marine aquarium there,

 with a number of fish in it like this blue or regal tang, (Paracanthurus hepatus),

 and what marine aquarium would be complete without a Nemo,

 or two? the common clown fish, (Amphiprion ocellaris), 

  as you might have guessed,

 arriving home with lots of Christmas presents,

 made Diana very happy, 

 then it was glad rags on,

 and we were out to Siam@Siam

 where naturally I had to have a pose by the motorcycle,

 we firstly made our way to the roof, 

 for a couple of pictures, 

 over looking the town,

 in the distance the green laser light pointing to the night sky, 

 one more,

 then we made our way inside,  

 past the fountain,

 and into the foyer,

 next stop the sixth floor,

 to the restaurant,

 a quick look around,

 at some of the dishes on offer,

 there were a number of heated trays,

with a selection of cold starters,

 and fruit desserts,

 with wooden tuk-tuks in the cabinets displaying fresh fruits,

 naturally a chocolate fountain,

 and a nice selection of cakes,

 I made my way past the seafood section,

 and sushi, 

which was decorated with a nice selection of orchids,

 on to the meat section, beef, lamb, pork and chicken, 

 plus mussels and oysters,

 Diana chose a non alcoholic cocktail, 

 on to her starter,

 and mine,


 the decor here is I guess what you would call modern art,

 like these lights,

 a second starter for Diana,

 then her main course was cooked and brought to our table,

 followed by mine,

 a spicy soup for Diana, 

 then what is not the smallest crème brûlée in the world but remarkably close, Diana decided on a mid meal dessert,  

 for myself lamb and beef, both of which were in fact were very tasty,

 the same for Diana but with roast potatoes,

 on to desserts, I had made my choice,

 and so had Diana,

 after our meal we chatted away,

 as Diana took a couple of selfies with the camera, 

 a quick pose by the tree,

 and other decorations, 

 and we were on our way, 

 to the lifts,

 and outside,

 in the front of the hotel and restaurant,

 there is a pool with fountains that looks nice both day and night,

 we wandered into the street for a blue and yellow cab, 

 our last look at the hotel, what a lovely meal, the buffet was 700 baht for Diana with no alcohol and 990 baht for myself with free flow wine, 

 we sped along Beach Road on our journey home,

 Diana all smiles and questions about the presents,  

arriving home a quick picture of the moon, a nightcap and we were off to bed.

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