Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Grand Turkey Hunt Was On,

first stop Big C Extra,

 on Central Road, 

 we made our way inside, 

 where of course we had to stop to have an ice cream at Swensens, then upstairs to the food hall, no fresh turkeys, I chatted to the butcher there, it appears that for the past few years it has been illegal to import uncooked American and Australian turkeys into Thailand, but he added a few places might have some from 2 or 3 years ago, 

 so we went to Foodland, again the same story,

 we called into Friendship,

  they had two there, monsters! 

 enough for a family of a dozen or more, I took a quick picture of the now empty entrance to Soi Bukaow market, we then swung into plan 'B', whilst it is illegal to import uncooked turkeys, it is no problem if they are cooked, at Big C Extra they had about 15 or so cooked turkeys from Australia left, so back we went, by now one had already been sold, 

so we bought this one, 5.5 kilos, that should do nicely for Christmas day, whilst in Friendship we also bought a joint of beef for Boxing Day, a bottle of bubbly for each day is in the refrigerator and the Christmas pudding is in the cupboard, so we are just about all set,

 we changed the bike for the truck,

and made our way to the pet section in the Thepprasit Road weekend night market, we have found out that some of the pet shops open every day at 3.00 in the afternoon, except Wednesdays, which makes it easy to drive there in the truck,

 and here was apart of our order, 

 20 bags of kitten litter,

 all loaded and ready to go, the lady has to order it in as she does not keep huge stocks of it, so we give her a biggish order to make it worth her while, the litter itself is compressed pine wood, which absorbs smells and is easy to use, also it is completely biodegradable,

 I had expected to see some workers on the steelworks,

 but nothing was happening today,

after our evening meal we watched some Judge Judy, then an extremely interesting documentary about The Man In The Iron Mask, and then decided to watch the film of the same name, in May this year this article appeared, so perhaps both the assertion of writer Alexandre Dumas, who elaborated on the theme in the final instalment of his Three Musketeers saga, where the prisoner is forced to wear an iron mask and is Louis XIV's identical twin and the documentary we watched earlier could be wrong, with that we were off to bed.

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