Wednesday, 21 December 2016

It Starts With Raindrops

and metamorphoses into a sequence of biological simulations,

  this track titled Order from Chaos is from London-based artist Max Cooper's newest album Emergence, the album is the culmination of three years work merging his interests in science, music and visual arts,

French visual effects artist Maxime Causeret was asked to provide the visuals, cellular forms appear to collide, merge, and even compete for resources while brain-like structures explode and crash across the screen, Cooper explains a bit of the science behind the art, 

'Maxime Causeret selected this track to work with, under the brief to map the emergent rhythm to an exploration of emergence in living form. His video shows the raindrops initially, then going into simple cellular forms and then showing the important idea of cooperation between simple cells to form more robust colonies of life. This develops into a visualisation of the idea of endosymbiosis,'

below is the full track,

a mug of coffee, headphones on and relax, I know I did when I watched it, you can listen to Cooper's full Emergence hereas an aside I had to look up endosymbiosis, it's meaning and origin is here.

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