Sunday, 18 December 2016


so time to change the refrigerator magnet, 

 so for this week, 

 back to today, Diana was making light work of cleaning the kittens pool after last weeks steam cleaning, watched by all three kittens,

 in a reversal of roles, Hogue was interested in the cleaning,

 whilst Cable ate and showed little interest in what was going on, normally it is the other way around,

 a that was happening I drained away some of the aquarium water, 

 then refilled it,

 job done,

 next stop Big C Extra, when we were last there buying our turkey we noticed some wagyu steaks from Australia, so we decided to buy two for tonight's bar-b-q,

 next stop Friendship, we had heard that they had mince in stock, Diana wanted to make some mince pies for Christmas, but alas they had sold out,

 I waited outside looking at the construction taking place next door,

 we also stopped off at the rear of TukCom to pick up a takeaway ice coffee and tea,

 arriving home I was watering the plants when I noticed two guests,

 there they were,

 a pair of oleander hawk-moths (Daphnis nerii),

 a view from the side,

 and a close up of the head,

 Mariana came out to have a look at what was going on,

closely watched by Jake,

then I noticed a larvae case in the centre of the picture,

 a picture from the rear,

  and side, tomorrow maybe a butterfly or a moth will appear,

 then time for tonight's barby, Cheers!',

 after garlic bread,

 chicken and sweetcorn soup,

 lite up the barby,

 out with the steaks,

 and on they go,

 looking good now,

 and done to perfection,

 Diana had chips with her steak,

 for myself potatoes, onions and bacon, 

 with broccoli, the steaks were so nice, we had forgotten to bring out steak knives, but in fact we did not need them, the steaks were so tender and full of flavour,

and to round off our meal strawberries and cream,

we spent the evening listening to music,

 and as the midnight hour passed we made a move inside and we were off to bed.

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