Sunday, 11 December 2016

We Have Put Up A Few Christmas Decorations,

a small tree and lights outside,

like 43-year-old Jack Baremans, from Etten-Leur, a commune in southern Netherlands, He has been collecting all kinds of Christmas decorations ever since he was 16-years old, and has made a habit of using all of them to decorate his home every year, as you can imagine his collection has become huge,

that he now reportedly takes about a month filling the inside of his home with dozens of artificial Christmas trees, thousands of ornaments, garlands, wreaths, plush reindeer and polar bears, Christmas lights and pretty much every other decoration imaginable, the pictures hardly does the collection justice, but the video above does, and it includes a model train set!

so Jack Baremans and his month-long decorating tradition have become known outside the borders of the small Dutch commune where he lives, and to make sure he is noticed here is another video of his home.

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