Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Keeping To A Guinness World Record Theme,

I am sure we have all heard of and seen Russian nesting dolls,

known as Russian matryoshka dolls that fit inside one another, You might be surprised to learn they aren’t all that ancient- the first set was made in 1892, but how many dolls can you fit inside other dolls? The answer at this point is 51. Youlia Bereznitskaia holds the world record for her hand-painted set of Russian nesting dolls, shown above. The largest is one foot, 9.25 inches (53.97 cm) and the smallest is 0.125 inches (0.31 cm) tall, the above photograph of them appears here, and allegedly shows them all, but here is the thing, count them! I did, 

top row 6, then going down row by row 7, 9, 14 and finally the bottom row 31 which in my book equals 67, so has the record been broken, but why did who ever made the above set not claim the world record?

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