Monday, 1 February 2021

We Often Post Lists,

of say the best, or worst top 50 action or drama or period movies,

but we have never posted a list of the best cult movies, until now, above one of my favourites from the list, at number 2, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, above one of the songs from the film the Time Warp, the list is on The Ringer web site,

where you will see this illustration, image credit Adam Villacin, which features some of the cast from Rocky Horror on the right hand side, but also on the left hand features Harry Earles and Schlitze, (actual name unknown), from another of my favourite cult films, Tod Browning's 1932 film Freaks, which bazaarly enough is not mentioned in the top 50 cult movies, of the 50 in the list I have watched 16, so I have a long way to go!

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