Sunday, 13 November 2016

A Busy Day Today,

starting with the aquarium,

well after changing the litter and feeding the kittens, doing my exercises, having breakfast and posting the blog, it was then time to drain the water for it's water change,

 about half way down,

 this is the only time the kittens take any notice of it or the fish, and even then I think it has more to do with the noise of the water than the movement of the fish,

 water back in,

 and into the kitchen for a coffee and to change the refrigerator magnet, this week I will be thinking about our trip to the Cutty Sark,

 next scrub the kittens pool,

 as the water drains out Cable is always attracted to the gurgling noise it makes,

 whilst Hogue looks on,

 water in, fountain on, 

 and it is time for a stroll,

 Mariana likes playing with the plants as they move in the breeze,

 the air plants as well, 

 then back to the dried leaves,  

 Cable was next out,

 as we rounded the corner I think he was worried that Jake would be there,

 he was not, but it did not stop Cable from looking, 

 then he forgot all about Jake when he saw some birds in the telephone wires,

 Hogue had a good look around and then decided he wanted to go inside,

 or at least he saw something that attracted him,

 then a very pleasant surprise, David, Gade and family called by, 

 so it was time to play with the kittens,

 Cable was wide eyed, he had never seen so many people,

 Gade and Cable,

 play time!

David's family also has a cat,

hello Smokey!

 we chatted away and after saying our farewells it was time for my evening meal, an Indian feast, it was the dogie bag I brought back from the Maharaja Indian Restaurant I went to last Wednesday, so for starters chicken samosa and lamb kebabs,

for my main course, chicken do-piyaxa, chicken Madras, aloo gobhi and peas pullao rice, all of which was delicious, except that our microwave seems to not be working, each dish had a part that was so hot you could not eat it next to a piece that was frozen solid, but then I never go into the kitchen as I view it as a personal death trap, so maybe I did something wrong, later in the evening Barry called round and kindly gave me a calendar, after saying our goodbyes I made a move indoors, as it was just past midnight for me I was off to bed.

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