Monday, 14 November 2016

Is Anyone Missing 3 Feet?

in Somerset in the UK,

 if you are missing them your search is over, as they are all in police custody, the three severed feet were found over a period of time, the first found by walkers in Weston Park East Bath, Somerset, in February, a second in the garden of a property in Weston Park in July and a third in a garden in nearby Cranwells Park a month later,

Det Insp Paul Catton said: "We have carried out an extensive investigation into all three feet and have exhausted all active lines of inquiry pending any new information, We are satisfied that no crime has been committed and that the feet are more than likely an exhibit from a medical or educational establishment or from a private collection which has been disturbed by animals." a cruel rumour that police were looking for people with the nick-name Stumpy was later to be found untrue.

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