Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Diana Has Arrived Back Here Safe And Sound,

bringing with her a video and some pictures of the family helmet diving,

 so all aboard the Skylark,

 helmets on and under they go, 

 as a fish photobombs the scene,


one of Diana's brothers, Sonny,

 in close up,

 one of Diana's sisters,


 and younger sister, 

 Dioshane who was 18 last weekend,

 Diana herself,

 and sister-in-law,


 the ever smiling brother Sandio,

 a pose by one of the underwater attractions,

 another one here,

 with all of the family,

 brother-in-law Marvin,

brother Sony,

 sister-in-law Dang with her husband Diana's brother Sony, 

 Dioshane, Sandio and Diana, 

 there were certainly lots of fish,

 Donna feeding the fish,

 then Sony,

 a pose by the dolphin,

 all of the girls,

 and Marvin,

this is a video the operation made of the helmet diving experience, it looks great fun for any one who wants to see the fish up close but does not want to enrol in SCUBA classes or has limited time at a resort,

 a memory to treasure,

 to finish the day,

 a few pictures,

 of the last day on the beach,

 a selfie with family taken by Dioshane, 

 Diana strikes the pose,  

 with Mum in the distance,

 down to the waters edge, 

 to say Hi to Mum, 

 and a farewell to the day from Diana, who told me that everyone had such a great time.

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