Friday, 18 November 2016

If You Live In China,

and are fed up with drivers using their high beams behind you,

this idea could solve your problem, under normal 'dipped' lighting conditions you see nothing, but put your high beams on and get a surprise from the car in front, as ghostly faces stare back at you,

 the decals sell for $3 – $18 on Taobao,

but be warned according to the South China Morning Post, traffic policeman in Jinan, eastern Shandong province, have noticed an increasing number of cars sporting pictures of ghosts with pale skin and other creepy characters on their rear window, and warned that they could pose a threat to road safety, drivers caught with such decorations on their cars through the city risk a fine of 100 yuan ($15), in Beijing, it is not illegal to decorate car windows with decals, but police say people may have to bear responsibility for any accidents caused by scaring other drivers, a bit late for Halloween, but plenty of time to buy them for next year!

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