Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Secret Is Out,

Diana has arrived in the Philippines for her younger sisters 18th birthday party,

 we kept it a total surprise, in fact we only decided at the beginning of this week to see if any seats were available, so here is Diana at the airport, 

and with her family at home,

Diana has also made a video of her trip so far, but there is not many of the family as everyone is so excited, I am sure there will be more tomorrow of the party, Diana left early so for myself it was the start of my day,

 you may remember that a stray kitten calls by for its early morning meal, it sits on the back wall,

staring me out,

waiting for me to give in get up and feed him at the back door, 

 blog, exercises and breakfast over,

 it was time to play with the kittens,

 before Diana left,

 she had put more feathers on one of their toys,

 which they all seem to love, Mariana,


 and Hogue all watching the feathers,

 then time for a nap, as usual the kittens just sleep where they fall, Mariana getting comfy,

 a stretch and this is how she slept for a whole episode of The Chase,

 Cable decided on a chair in their room, 

 his eyes were closing as I watched him going to sleep,

in the afternoon after their lunch I made a short video of them playing with the feathers, I have to say it, they are a bit slow, well they had just eaten, but they still enjoyed the game,

 then in the evening I was off to the Thepprasit Road weekend night market,

 about an hour or so late,

 it was packed, the battery in the clock I look at must be failing as it was nearly 6.00 in the evening when I arrived,

 opposite the bar this evening a clothes and shoe stall,

 no work this week on the steelworks,

 lots of customers in the pet section,

 and one of the markets cats called by,

 as Diana had a lead for Mariana, I bought one each for Cable and Hogue so we do not have to keep changing the sizes of them,

 it is difficult to see but the aquatic store has some restocked some of the aquariums,

 looking towards Jomtien the sky was a bit cloudy,

 I made my way to the bar, looking inland I could not tell if there were clouds or not, 

 whilst sitting at the bar I bumped into Ray, we chatted away, then it was time for my evening meal,

 I made my way to the car park, 

 above me a very hazy moon, 

 I decided to eat at the Punch and Judy, but did not stay, there are times when I am ashamed to be English, this was one of them, there was just one group at the bar, their language was vile using every bad swear word you could imagine and of course so loud, no wonder I was the only other customer in the bar, I left,

 so over the road,

 there is seating outside,

 but it was inside for me,

 and my meal, a delicious beef stew with mashed potatoes, and thankfully civilised customers,

 arriving home, 

 it was play time for the kittens again, 

  back on the sofa with the feathers,

 great fun for all of them,

 Mariana gets her teeth into the feathers, I watched some Judge Judy then as the midnight hour approached I put the kittens into their room and for myself I was off to bed.

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