Friday, 11 November 2016

For Mainly Americans Reading This,

remember the date,  August 21, 2017,

 the United States is in for a totally American solar eclipse, the path of the total solar eclipse runs from the beach at Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, astronomers have determined that the best place along that path to see totality will be Hopkinsville, Kentucky, a small town between Paducah and Nashville, 

 the sun will be blocked for two minutes and 40 seconds in the middle of the day there, so hotels in the area are almost already fully booked,

above is a map of the moon’s trajectory across the USA in 2017, but remember the nearer you are to Hopkinsville, the longer and more intense the darkness will be, so if you are driving, walking or just chilling out on the 21st August next year remember the eclipse, on a different note for the people Hopkinsville the 21st of August is actually remembered for a different reason, Aliens! way back in 1955 on the 21st of August the arrival of aliens had the town abuzz, so eclipse, aliens, what more could a town do to attract visitors? 

as an aside if you miss this eclipse the next one for North America is 14 October 2023, the map of the shadow above, so book your hotel on it's route early!

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