Saturday, 12 November 2016

First Some Great News From The Philippines,

Diana and her family are going away for the weekend,

 so into the mini bus,

 for the trip to the airport,

 this was a first for Dad and some other members of the family, flying,

 of course Sandio is an old hand at flying,

 and they have arrived on the island of Boracay,

 a very happy Mum,

 they are staying at the Astoria Current, on Station 3 beach,

 and it looks pretty impressive,

 drinks all round,

 Lynn, Dad, Marvin and Diana, 

 and baby Naomi

 Diana and Lynn by the pool, 

 it was a bit of a surprise for every one to find they had a beach-side hotel,

 one of the rooms,

 Mum looking down at the indoor pool, 

 it all looks very nice, 

and of course we had to have a selfie from Diana! there is a slight snag the Internet is not that quick, so I have not chatted to Diana today, so I am guessing but I think they will have a nice weekend on the beach!

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