Saturday, 19 November 2016

After The Normal Start To The Day,

change the kittens litter,

 feed them, post the blog, do my exercises and eat breakfast, I was off to the veterinary surgery, on the way it appears I have made a mistake, the market on the corner of Thepprasit Road and the Sumkivitt Road has not been dismantled, just the front row, I will have another look on the way home,

 arriving at the vets there was a long wait, Mariana had her antibiotic and anti inflammatory injections and we were on our way home, with a card to show again tomorrow,

 sure enough,

 it was just the front row of the market that was removed, 

 the shrine easy to see from the Sumkivitt Road, so I guess new life will be breathed into the market again,

 arriving home Diana had decided to shower the kittens, last time Hogue saw what happened to Cable and was the devil to catch, Diana had a cunning plan, shower Hogue first,

 and it worked! 

 I can just imagine what Hogue is thinking, 'I do not know how, where or when, but I will get you back!',

it should not happen to a cat!

 then the turn of Hogue, who decided to dry out on top of the high tower,

 luckily it is so warm out here they were dry in no time,

 Diana did not shower Mariana as he is still unwell, although her cough has improved greatly, so time for walkies, Diana with Mariana,

 I took Cable,

 who had a good look around,

 then took a rest,

 as did Mariana on top of one of Diana's cactus, 

 I put Cable back indoors and returned with Hogue,

 Diana was still outside with Mariana, 

who like Hogue was refusing to go inside and were staging a lie-down, Diana had to pick Mariana up whilst Hogue reluctantly returned inside, 

 next to the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road, 

 I took a few pictures of the mobile food stalls,

 it is a case of stop me and buy one,

 looking towards Jomtien, 

 clear skies,

 with slight cloud inland,

 the ice cream lady,

 and fresh fruit seller,

 opposite the bar this evening a stall selling mini speakers and clothes,

 work on the new foundations finished for the weekend,

 looking towards the far end of the aisle painting also seems to have been completed,

 a new soft drinks stall,

 I liked the mini bear jars, 

 the first stall in the pet section seemed to be busy,

 I bimbled along to the usual store and bought 2 boxes of sachets of wet food for the kittens,

 at the far end in the corner is the administrative buildings for the market, a pool in front,

 with some koi carp in it,

 and a scary dragon as decoration,

 the office itself,

 and shrine,

 I never normally walk to this corner, but here is a view of the market from it looking at the pet section,

 sunset over the market,

 these were the foundations that I took a picture of the workers digging,

 on Monday of this week,

 whilst at the bar a nice surprise, Dr. Jeff called by to say hello, we chatted away, after saying our farewells, 

 the disco truck came thundering by,

 back home we were meet with a delicious aroma,

beef stew and dumplings, we settled down and watched some Judge Judy, and then for us we were off to bed.

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