Sunday, 20 November 2016

This Could Be So Scary,

we have seen robotic dinosaurs,

and they were scary enough for many people, but the company ON-ART Corp., Tokyo, which is an artistic structure airbrush paint production company, has now made a dinosuit, building and improving on robotic dinosaurs,

the new dino-bot is controlled by a human operator inside the device, the ‘pilot' can see the outside surroundings via two on-board monitor screens, and uses his/her own legs to walk, "The dinosaur is truly realistic. It walks, roars, acts violently, swing its tail and sometimes bites." – say the inventors, above is the dino-bot video,

and this is the corporate one showing the suit and other products that the company produces, all I can say is the the bar has been well and truly lifted with this product, every theme park and museum should have one, or may be a pack of them!

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