Monday, 7 November 2016

Sunday Again Already,

time just flies past,

 I decided against sandwiches today, so I popped into the News Cafe Steak & Grill,

 it is located just off Thappraya Road in Jomtien, in the Chateau Dale Complex,

 there is plenty of outdoor seating,

 inside a well stocked bar,

 and selection of wines,

 for my starter a lobster bisque, the middle of the soup decorated with lobster and those small red fish roe that are served on sushi,

I had a long break before my main course, two slices of lamb cooked medium as I like it on top of a nice beansprout salad with onions and a side of potatoes, all very nice, the desserts were so tempting, but I was just so full,
 here is the restaurant card,

and map of their location, arriving home I talked to Diana, all is going well in the Philippines, I then played with the kittens, in the evening it was a non-stop series of Judge Judy's, it amazes me how many litigants arrive so ill prepared to have their cases judged, but there it is, as the midnight approached and past I was then off to bed.

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