Wednesday, 16 November 2016

If You Thought That Porcelain,

was just cups, plates, saucers and a few figurines,

which is what my normal take on porcelain is, this book may come as a bit of a surprise, The New Age of Ceramics by Hannah Stouffer, is published by Gingko Press Inc.,

it has art works in porcelain,

 that one would not normally see or expect,

 some totally surreal,

 others depicting nature,

 factual works, 

and whimsy's amongst others are featured, the publication includes 180 photos of in-process details, intimate studio visits, and final works from artists like Zemer Peled, Jessica Harrison, Jess Riva Cooper, Jon Alameda, Hitomi Hosono, and many others, the book release was accompanied by an exhibition at the Dave Frey Gallery that runs through December 9th, 2016, and no I am not on commission, it is just that seeing porcelain that breaks away form the norm is for me so usual.

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