Friday, 18 November 2016

The Day Started With A Second Trip,

to the veterinary surgery,

 it is located behind Tony's gym on Soi Nern Plub Wan, we had a bit of a wait today, yesterday we were straight in and out, but today they had a lot of customers,

 an examination then two injections for Mariana, one antibiotic and one to help stop the inflammation in her throat, for just 300 baht (at today's rate £6.80 or $8.44), we were given a card with details of today's visit on it for our return trip tomorrow, and we were then on our way home,

 the hospitals card,

and map on the reverse,

 in the late afternoon we had a trip to the market for some fresh fruit, 

 but I took a few pictures of some of the take away food, in bags,

and on sticks,

 every week the market seems to get bigger and busier,

 there were clothes stalls there as well,

 just what the doctor ordered, some grapes, 

 take away fish as well,

 there was just one stall selling these,

 now there are two,

 flowers for sale,

almost last on the list, fresh pineapple,

for tomorrow some potatoes and onions, at the rear some banana flowers,

I have not seen these for sale for some time,

after our evening meal we watched some Judge Judy, then the film of the evening, Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol, if like me you do not like heights this is very scary indeed, and with that we were off to bed.

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