Tuesday, 8 November 2016

First Stop,

a 7-11,

 I went in to buy some credit on my telephone only to find that they no longer sell One To Call AIS top up cards, a helpful customer in the store told me that there is a spat going on between 7-11 and AIS, so the 7-11 chain has stopped selling AIS cards, so by default we will be doing all of our future convenience shopping, that is milk, eggs, bread, crisps, in fact all of the items we do not buy in Friendship, in Family Mart when we need our next top up card, next stop UOB Bank, I received a letter from them saying by law and banking practises I must fill in a form, which was strange as I have not have an account with them for 5 or 6 years, at that time I withdrew all of my funds and closed the account and went to SCB, so I called in, my old already closed account was looked up on screen a few taps on the keyboard and I was told not to worry about the form as the account is now officially closed, I thought it was 5 or 6 years ago but apparently not,

 then to SCB to pay my MasterCard bill,

 into Friendship for sandwiches,
I have enough now for the next few days, but I might treat myself tomorrow for a fry up breakfast, arriving home to was time to feed the kittens again, I watched television in the afternoon and chatted on Line with Diana, after my evening sandwich it was feet up for a film I had watched before but thought I would watch it again, 

Contact, I followed that by a few from Judge Judy and just before midnight I was off to bed.

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