Thursday, 17 November 2016

In The Morning,

a small surprise for Diana,

 I had yesterday gone to the flower shop,

 and ordered a bouquet of flowers which were delivered as arranged,

 then shopping to Friendship,

 work continuing on the building next door,

 a stop for a take home ice coffee and tea at the rear of TukCom, and home,

 to an emergency, little Marina was coughing badly, she has had a slight cough for a day or so, but in the time we were out it had gotten much worse, so a panic trip to the vets, I rushed so much I had forgotten my camera, she was diagnosed with basically cat tonsillitis coupled with the fact that two glands in her neck were swollen and she had a slight throat infection, the veterinary surgeon give her an injection of antibiotics, I have to bring her back tomorrow for a second shot,

 an hour or two after we had returned she was in much better spirits, 

 watching as I gave Cable his walk about, then Hogue, 

 all the time Mariana was hoarsely mewing, then Diana took her for a walk,

 in the evening we were out for a meal, we ordered a Grab taxi,

 and arrived at the News Steak and Grill, in the Chateau Dale Plaza complex, in Moo.12 on Thappraya Rd,

 a glass of wine for Diana, which I drank as Diana does not,

 our starters,

Gambas Ajillo prawns fried with garlic & chilli for Diana, I tried one, they were so nice,

  for myself, 

 smoked salmon roll served with wasabi & crème ninon, which was delicious,

  we then had a long break,

 before our main course arrived,

 'Cheers!', we thought this was it,

 then the side dishes arrived,

 that's more like it,

 two servings of potatoes,

 and three sauces,

 one of the specials of the evening was a Chateaubriand steak for two,  

 we ordered it medium for myself to well done for Diana, and it arrived exactly as expected, 

 after another long break desserts, for Diana,

roasted almond & vanilla pannacotta with passion fruit,

and for myself,

crème brulee catalana with fruit, it was an excellent meal, we were so full we did not have a coffee, but ordered a Grab taxi for the journey home,

 the restaurants card,

and map,

 where I had to take a picture of the moon, which was now 93% illuminated, this picture straight out of the camera,

and this one I have cropped to show some close up detail, indoors we watched a couple from Judge Judy and with that we were off to bed.

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