Tuesday, 15 November 2016

After Changing The Kittens Litter,

and feeding them,

 I started writing the blog, only to have to get up again and feed the kitten that has adopted us as it stared me out and made its way to the back door,

 now here is something about the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road that I did not know, many of the pet stores open every day from 3.00 in the afternoon except Wednesday when they are closed all day,

 so on Friday I ordered 10 bags of kitten litter,

 and called round this afternoon to pick the bags up,

 the shop comprises of several units made into one, I can not help thinking a sign in a couple of languages displayed in the weekend evenings would be a help to trade, I would not dream of bring the truck here on market evenings but in the day time a different proposition altogether,

 more work was going on in the market,

 not on the steelworks as such,

 but some pretty big foundations were being dug beside it,

 in the early evening it was walkies time,

 amazingly as soon as Cable saw the harness he came running, it was on in no time at all,

 a bird flew overhead,

 after playing with the flowers, 

we went to the steps at the rear that lead upstairs,

despite a little help he was not happy with them at all, 

 the first step was enough,

 so I lifted him on the the first landing 5 or so steps up,

 no doubt about it, he wanted to be back on the ground,

 next Hogue who like Cable today just sat and waited whilst I put the harness on,

 what a difference from last week, 

 an investigation of the flowers,

 and a reluctant climb to the first landing, and then back inside,

 Mariana after playing with her harness was soon outside,

 she had a score to settle, 

 with the flowers and gave them a good beating,

 it was a draw,

 as soon as Mariana saw the steps,

 she was up them like a rocket,

 in just one stop she was on the landing,

 and looking to go higher, but I thought that was enough for today, 

 after my evening meal I wandered outside, it had completely slipped my mind that it was Loy Krathong until I saw the krathong the lady next door had in her pool,

 being outside I took a picture of the moon as it is the nearest and brightest it has been since 1948,

back inside, the film for the evening, The Enemy Below, a game of mouse and cat between a submarine and a destroyer set in the Second World War, I followed that with a few from Judge Judy,

then popped out just before midnight to take a second picture of the moon, it will not be this close again until November 25th, 2034, so I guess I will be seeing the moon this close when I am 84 years old! and with that thought I was off to bed.

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