Friday, 11 November 2016

I Was Nearly Out Of Sandwiches,

so on the motorcycle and off,

 to Friendship, where work next door was continuing,

 it was not very busy today, but tomorrow, market day it will be packed,

 in the afternoon I took the kittens for a walk again around the front yard,

 first Hogue,

 who got the fright of his life,

when a snarling, barking Jake rushed the fence, naturally my street cred with Jake has reached rock bottom, me, with of all things a kitten not even a puppy, on a lead! but there it is,

 as we made our way back inside Hogue had a rearward glance,

 next outside was Mariana, 

 who seemed other than putting her ears back, totally unfazed by Jake, I had thought by now he was inside,

 a quick play with the long grass,

 a last look at Jake and in we went, 

 next it was the turn of Cable,

 who puts up the worse fight of the three of them when I put the harness on them, tomorrow when I go to the market I will look to see if there is an easier to fit one there,

 but once outside he seems to like the experience, 

 especially when a bird flies past or sits on one of the cables outside, 

 time for a pose, then inside, 

 after my evening meal I watched a few of Judge Judy then Wolf Hall, we had watched the television mini series before but it was enjoyable to start watching it again, this is what I wrote the first time we watched it, 'one thing I like about this series is the realism of the costumes, according to the producers they are 99% accurate, based on pictures and written accounts of the period at that time, the other 1%? Mark Rylance (who plays the lead character Thomas Cromwell), has stated that the codpieces on the otherwise historically accurate costumes were made smaller at the request of PBS who felt that American audiences might be offended', and with that piece of trivia I was then off to bed.

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