Thursday, 17 November 2016

How To Upset Roughly 50% Of Your Customer,

in one easy lesson,

first let me state that I am one of the most nonpolitical people you will ever meet, I have no interest in politics at all, but I did find that some people are prepared to lose a lot of their customers to further their political views, in this case the Stella, one of the more popular restaurants in Iowa City, in Johnson County, Iowa, the owner/management wants to get back at those people that voted for Trump through their wage packets by asking them to pay a higher entrance fee, or cover charge, than Clinton or independent candidate voters, before entering you are asked how you voted, if you reply Trump you are charged 50% more cover charge than if you replied Clinton, a viewer told CBS 2 News that they did indeed charge different prices based on who customers voted for, according to CBS 2 News they tried several times to reach the owner of Stella, but haven't heard back, so who would have thought how you voted could so directly increase the price of your food? but in the free advertising stakes the ploy certainly seems to have worked!

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