Friday, 11 November 2016

You Are Going To Need A Bigger Truck!

was my first thought when I saw this picture,

on Monday this week a crocodile was after heavy rains found stuck in a canal as the waters rose then fell, at an estimated weight of close to a ton and measuring some 17 feet (5.18 m) long it was no easy task for the villagers to relocate him,

the crocodile was in the southern city of Matara in Sri Lanks, in a canal leading to the Nilwala river, environmentalist Uppala Jayatissa commented 'We found a similar size crocodile four, five months back in the Polathumodara river, this is the maximum these type of crocodiles grow," according to wildlife department official Ravindra Kumar, "The reptile was too big to move out of here on its own, with the help of the villagers and the police we achieved what we wanted, which was to send the crocodile back to where he came from without hurting him in any way," all I know is that hopefully there will be huge signs warning of the crocodile back in his old home, 'No Swimming Allowed!'

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