Sunday, 6 November 2016

Happy Birthday Dioshane,

Diana's younger sister is 18 today,

so let the day begin,

 preparations are under way,

 and everything,

 has arrived to make this a special day,

 a quick hello to one of her nieces,

 a bite to eat,

  then to the beauty saloon,

 I remember this,

 happening to me,

 when Diana and myself were married,

 it is the same saloon,

 what a great day,

 it has been planed for so long,

 nearly finished,


 and now the dress,

 it looks perfect,

 a couple of poses,

 before putting it on,

Dioshane and Diana, 

and it looks and was stunning, 

into the car,

a stretched limo of course,

  so plenty of room,

 for everyone, Diana's sister Donna in the middle,

the birthday cake,

lots of diets will start tomorrow,

 a happy and proud Mum and Dad,

 one of Diana's brothers,

Diana as lovely as ever,

then time for a few pictures,

 and then the party began,

 with a few dances,

 and lots of flowers, 

 and of course a dance with Dad,

it was a long day as you might expect, so at the end of the evening the party was over, I am sure everyone had a great time and many thanks to Mum and Dad for making all of this possible.

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