Tuesday, 8 November 2016

When I Go Shopping In A Big Shopping Mall,

I know exactly what I want, 

be it a camera, television, aftershave or what ever, I hate going around malls just aimlessly looking at shop after shop, but I could like this shopping mall, the Vanke Mall in the Minhang district of Shanghai, located on the third floor of the newly-opened mall, it is a husband nursery, just as mothers drop their young kids at the nursery to be looked after while they tend to their daily business, so to can wives and girlfriends leave their male partners,

in the room there are a number of ways to kill time by watching TV, reading magazines, sitting in a massage chair or taking a nap in of the comfortable armchairs, “What a brilliant mall, for a man, going shopping with the wife is worse than work,” one person wrote on Chinese social media, as an aside a UK survey found that the average man gets bored after 26 minutes of shopping and that 80% of guys hate shopping with their partners, with 45% of them avoiding it at all costs, put me in the last group!

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