Monday, 14 November 2016

Out For Sunday Lunch,

I had called round to Slim Jim's home yesterday,

 and left a note that I would be here today for lunch at The Robin's Nest, as his telephone was switched off, but he did not arrive, so I guess he has return to the States for a few weeks,

 if you want to eat here the restaurant/hotel is located on Soi Diana just before the LK Metro sign on the right-hand side,

 I decided on the three course all you can eat buffet priced at 299 baht,

 and ordered a latte coffee to finish,

 meal over I then walked towards Soi Bukaow,

 looking back towards the restaurant and in the far distance Second Road,

I made my way across Soi Bukaow to the 7-11 to pay my water bill,

 then into Soi Lengkee for a motorcycle taxi home,

 the impressive LK Presidential at the end of the soi on Third Road, 

 as soon as I was home the kittens joined me in the living room, Cable taken with the flash on, 

 and off,

 cats eyes, the same for Mariana, taken with the flash on,

 and off, Hogue was not to be seen, so he will have a photo-shoot tomorrow, 

in the afternoon I watched a couple of quiz shows then after a small snack the film for the evening, Great Balls of Fire, I have to say I really enjoyed watching it again, here is what I wrote the first time we watched the movie, 'a biographic film of the early career of Jerry Lee Lewis, from his rise to rock 'n' roll stardom to his controversial marriage to his 13-year-old cousin that led to his downfall, is depicted in the film, until the scandal of the marriage depreciated his image, many had thought Lewis would supplant Elvis Presley as the "King of Rock and Roll" in the 1950s, the part of Jerry being played by Dennis Quaid who gave a stellar performance as the star, we both thought the film was hugely enjoyable, but it was panned by critics and the public, what I thought was some how funny was that his song Whole Lot Of Shaking was banned in several states in the US at the time of it's release in the 1950's,' I rounded the evening off with a few from Judge Judy and with that I was off to bed.

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