Sunday, 13 November 2016

More Good News,

Diana has sent some more pictures from Boracay,

 Naomi and birthday girl last week Doishane, 

Dioshane and her brother Sonny's wife Dang,

 breakfast I guess, 

 then to the beach,

 the waters fine,

 a selfie with Diana and some of the family, 

 Dad and Marvin,

 breakfast, brothers Sandio and Sonny,

 Naomi and Mum,

 then to the beach,

 I am not sure what this place is,

 Daisy Mae as cute as ever,

 time for,

 an afternoon siesta,

 then back to the beach,


 the lift was quite full,

 and here we are again,

 Sonny with daughter Naomi,

 sister Donna takes the plunge,

 and has her hair braided,

 then Diana,

 next Lynn and Dioshane,

smile for the camera, next week the taxi driver at the airport will not recognise Diana! anyway the good news is that they are all having a great time.

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